Journal of Assam Science Society(JASS)

J.Assam Sc. Soc. Vo. 57, Issue No.1 & 2 2016 new

+ Cosmology in 21st Century
+ Molecular taxanomy of indigenous bamboo
+ Thermostability of dietary antioxidant-anthocyanin

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J.Assam Sc. Soc. Vo. 56, No.2 December 2015

+ Expanding the Frontiers of Rice Research through Omics
+ Development of an online Temperature Measurement System Implementing Thermoemf to Digital Conversion Technique
+ Multilocational trial for growth, yield attributing characters and Scanning Electron Microscopic study of pollen grains of under-utilized cereal

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Journal of the Assam Science Society: Vol.56, Issue No.1, 2015

+ Drug designing by bioinformatics tools
+ Crystal structure of Chalcone derivatives
+ Cu(L) estimation in blood serum

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Journal of the Assam Science Society: Vol.52, Issue No.2 (special Issue) Dec.2011

This special issue of JASS(A Journal of Assam Science Society) compises of scientific contributions made in the UGC sponsored National Seminar on "Frontier Areas of Research in Chemistry" held in the Department of Chemistry, Cotton College, Guwahati, India, during 24-25th October, 2011. This was a part of the celebration of the International Year of Chemistry(IYC 2011) by the Department of Chemistry, Cotton College.
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